To BBBBQ Or Not To BBBBQ That Is The Question

Pro’s and Con’s No Doubt

NWA is and is not a lot of things. We are a community that likes to celebrate things, we love welcoming company to our table and we love embracing different cultures. What we are NOT is a community lacking in opinions and very little polarizes us quite like the annual Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally each fall.

bbbbq pig

There is so much that can be said about BBBBQ. Some love it, some hate it and others just prefer to clear out until it’s over. But what you can’t do is ignore it. The rumble seems to start earlier every year as more people opt to get here early and spend the entire week with us. As the days roll on towards the official start date it’s hard to go a spare minute without the sound as a forced film score to your life. Traffic starts to get thick and parking downtown pushes further and further out as the streets get blocked for vendors. Just as some residents opt to pack up and leave town, many local businesses follow suit. I, for one, subconsciously associate the rumble with the beginning of fall.

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