Southern Living is starting to take note of NWA’s cultural influence. 

In the September 2017 issue of Southern Living magazine NWA gets some love

Run, don’t walk to the nearest news stand and pick up a copy of Southern Living. The media has been catching on to NWA for awhile now and Southern  Living has decided to see what all the fuss is about. 

The cover of the Travel & Culture section features none other than our Fayetteville favorite Maxine’s Taproom with The Silver Shakers laying down some tunes.

The Fayetteville and Bentonville section of the article shows love to many of our other local favorites too.

This, of course,  isn’t the first time Southern Living has noticed us

Fayetteville was ranked as #1 on their Most Affordable Small Towns to Live in and was recognized as one of the Most Budget Friendly Vacation Destinations.

A House in My Own Mother’s Neighborhood was Featured
Rogers Was Cited as one of the Best Places to Retire

Bentonville was called “The South’s Next Culteral Mecca”

With all of of this buzz, I wonder if you think the media is on the mark or missing some great targets. If you were to write to Southern Living about something they missed what would you tell them?