A town refurbished and renovated

Most of us know at least one person that has purchased or inherited some amazing old house, decided that he (or she) could restore it back to it’s glory days, found out that it was going to be far more complicated than first expected and when life got in the way the house began to really crumble. This is the perfect analogy for so many Arkansas towns.

Springdale Arkansas felt like it might be headed in that direction for a long minute. The strongest illustration, perhaps, being the downtown area. The streets were in need of repairs, the buildings were quickly becoming dated and eventually empty and there was very little pull for any tourism at all.

But then, like little seeds being planted outsiders started to hear about things happening in downtown Springdale. Free outdoor movies, breweries opening, street events and open air markets.  Then, all of the sudden, it’s like Brooklyn to New Yorker’s they said they’d never go there but now they feel like they HAVE to!  Well, we went… and it was amazing.

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