10 Things That Will Surprise You In Siloam Springs



You may think you know Siloam Springs

Five days ago if you had asked me if I knew Siloam Springs I would have said something to the effect of “You mean the 5 miles of strip mall next to the Casino on the way to the Cherokee Turnpike?” and to be fair I wouldn’t be alone in this assessment. The view that most people get is along 412 which is flanked by strip malls, car lots and fast-food joints doesn’t leave the strongest impression. So when we discussed taking our next post to Siloam Springs my husband gave me the “ok, but I think you’re crazy” look. When we got there, however, we both had to scrape our jaws from the floor.

Siloam Springs lamp post
Siloam Springs Lamp Post against a blue sky


A Case for Inclusion… But Only if When They Want To Be Included

Siloam Springs is the 30-40 min. drive from most places in the greater NWA area down a long stretch of highway 412 with very little on it other than farms, grass and trees. Though pretty, I think this drive is why Siloam Springs is often left out of the NWA metro area and thought of as a stand alone town. A sentiment I’m not sure the locals disagree with because they seem to being holding fast onto an old world charm that most of the “metro” area has lost or is losing. But with the commute from South Fayetteville to Bentonville easily clocking 30-ish min. the distance isn’t really shouldn’t be an issue.


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