How Rogers AR Can Inspire Your #Travelgram

Recovery Weekend

While in recovery from our whirlwind Labor Day weekend we sat down to discuss our plans for our next outing. After a big to-do like what we put ourselves through last weekend we were very tempted to retreat into the woods for some quiet time. But as much as we brag about being world class campers, the clean up after the trip was daunting in my already exhausted state.

While going through our Pinterest boards, however, we noticed that Rogers was being neglected. There are numerous sources for re-pins for Fayetteville and Bentonville, we contributed original pined content to our Springdale and Siloam Springs boards but Rogers didn’t have much of either. So we set out to find the most Insta and Pin worthy places that we could find in the town of Rogers.

Where Reality Is Better Than Perception

I remember back in 2000 being in Jr. High and  going to Rogers on the school bus for an away football game. It felt like we drove for hours through the pastoral country side. In reality it might have been 45 min but as a teen perception is reality.

A short 3 years later that same farmland had started it’s transformation into the Pinnacle Hills Promenade or one of the hundreds of other shiny, squeaky clean facades of the Rogers corporate take over. That’s what I’ve thought about Rogers for a long while, corporate. A place to be what you picture a grown up looking like when you were a teen…. In my mind, kind of lame. I was so wrong.

Rogers Street Art

We found a unique and breathtaking park, local shops to fit anyone’s fancy, several breweries and one of the best meals I’ve (maybe ever) had.

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30 years sure makes a difference

In 1985 Fayetteville Arkansas had a population of around 37,000. Most roads west of I-540 were dirt (I-540 is now I-49). There were a couple of Walmarts that didn’t even have groceries back then and going Rogers or Bentonville was like going to the far side of the universe (not to mention there really wasn’t much of a reason to).


Dickson Street 2016


Northwest Arkansas is basically a greater metropolitan area that includes Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and the surrounding areas. People commute daily to and from for work, shopping, appointments and leisure. We are showing up on national lists as the best places to live, work and start a business.

With all of this moving and grooving going on I want to share my townie experience. It’s easy to get lost in the throng of all of the shiny new corporate facades (irony of photo not lost here), so I want to chronicle my day to day and then some. I want to share with anyone who would care to listen what it is that makes this place pretty great from the grass roots all the way up to some of the *shiny*.

There will be more to come so please like and share. Feel free to let me know what you’re NWA is too by dropping a line.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art