Labor Day In NWA Will Overwhelm Your Senses


So Many Options So Little Time

Labor Day in Northwest Arkansas can conger up many images in one’s mind. The first thing that I think of is color, vibrant color. The second is sound; a dense cacophony of music, laughter and maybe even screams of delight. Third are the smells of food cooking, wet pavement, fresh air and the green smell of grass. These, to me, are the ingredients  for the perfect Labor Day weekend.

Washington County Fair

Some people will instantly think of the Washington County Fair  which easily satisfies all of the above criteria, or the Arkansas Razorback Red and White game which also fits the bill. The War Eagle Mill Labor Day celebration does a fine job fulfilling the requirements but what we went for a weekend of tradition blended with the eclectic. Continue reading “Labor Day In NWA Will Overwhelm Your Senses”